Friday, July 8, 2011

An Alien in Switzerland

One of the coolest things I saw in Switzerland was located in the hilltop town of Gruyere. And no, it wasn't a cheese factory or castle. Rather, it was a museum exhibiting the collected works of HR Giger.

If you've heard of Giger (I hadn't) it would be because of his work for the blockbuster movie Alien. He created a complex world of alien beings, with very dark, sensual undertones.

HR Giger

Giger's art is pretty disturbing, which made it right up my alley. We saw several installations of baby faces, peppered with what look like leisions.
Alien bar

Giger admitted to playing with bones as a child, and his fascination with the skeleton is evident in the architecture of both the Giger museum and the small bar right next door.
Alien bar

Giger's Alien museum makes Gruyere well-worth a visit, if only to cozy up to the Alien bar for an afternoon drink.
Alien bar

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